Klang collaborated closely with director Sean Thompson (Dark Energy) and editor Spencer Ferszy (Marshall Street Editors) to create a dynamic composition that perfectly complements the music video like aesthetic of this spot.  Featuring the gorgeous vocal talents of Sarah Belkner.


We’ve just completed composing the score and soundscape for a new campaign to launch Cadbury Coco.  Featuring live percussion and drums by the extremely talented Miles Thomas.


This imaginative brand film by McCANN for Melbourne University explores some of the incredible things that can be achieved when great minds collide.


Mr. Incider – a guy who happens to have an apple as a head.
KLANG once again joined forces with Stink director Owen Trevor for this world wide campaign for Strongbow featuring Mr Incider in a number of quirky, comedic spots.


One of two spots for a fresh 2015 campaign for Open Universities UK, this piece features a soundscape created by Klang before the shoot,  It was used on set to help place the talent in the world, and have them react to the battle field around them.  Beautifully shot on 35mm film, and directed by Nicolas Jack Davies of Pulse UK, who worked very closely with Klang to bring the world “outside” to life.


The Sweet Shop’s David Petch delivers Amnesty International’s latest campaign with Ogilvy, highlighting how various actions that we consider to be everyday ordinary, are in some countries considered illegal activities and ‘Obscene Acts’, punishable by force and in some circumstances even death.


Klang helped bring director Nick Rutter’s incredible world to life in this music promo for Lapalux Puzzle with scattered sound design moments throughout the film.


Porsche Netherlands set out to discover the comparative effects on the brain, when riding in a Porsche and flying a fighter jet in a thrilling documentary.  Klang worked closely with director Andrew Lang to bring his promo to life through Sound.


Paula Radcliffe, the acclaimed British marathon runner and her incredible legacy has been honoured by Nike in a new Wieden + Kennedy campaign #thankspaula.


Guinness’ new film is a love letter to every artist who has taken the great creative plunge, who has practised till their fingers bled, who has played in the dives, who has risked everything to sing their own song.  Brendan flew to the UK to work closely with the director, editor and agency to create the soundscape, sound design and music – which features elements of bands from the project.


Google marks the anniversary celebration of the iconic “Surgeons Photograph” that started the story of the Loch Ness monster in 1934. Adrian Shine, leader of the Loch Ness and Morar Project takes us through the legend of the infamous Scottish waters.


A woman with locked in syndrome completes her degree at open universities despite the incredible challenges at hand.